Dear UCET participants,

Thank you for attending my session today. If you have any questions, I can help you with feel free to email me.
My email contact information is on the UCET handout you see in the menu to the left of this message. Click on the pdf.
Thanks again, and I hope you have a great year sharing your passion for Social Studies with your students.
Ruth King

Time: Fri. 3/02/2012 - 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Room: #1541
Presenter: Ruth King, Cedar Ridge Elementary School, Cedar Hills, UT
Fifth Grade Teacher - Cedar Ridge Elementary, Alpine District, Utah
Email –

Upcoming Events for Social Studies Teachers and Students
150th Commemoration of Civil War - starts in 2011
50th Anniversary of Freedom Riders - 2011
200th Commemoration of the War of 1812 - 2012

A "GPS Toolkit" to Guide Your Social Studies Teaching

G=Geography P=Primary Sources S=Strategies & Technology/Other Tools

Incorporate the use of geography, primary sources, thinking historically, and literacy strategies in your classroom. Receive several templates for learning strategies that intertwine historical thinking skills with literacy skills, as well as a handout with instructions for accessing the presenter's wiki webpage with templates and technology links used or referred to in this session.

G = Geography
Incorporate the use of geography daily.
1. Daily Geography by Great Source (Houghton Mifflin)

2. Map of the Month

3. Nystrom Atlas and their online atlases

4. Mailbox Magazine

5. National Geographic Bee

6. National Geography Awareness Week

7. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day ESRI

8. Current Events

9. Movement – 5 things from a foreign country

P = Primary Sources
Incorporate the use of primary sources frequently.
1. Primary Sources for Primary Sources page – See my wiki page

2. Use analysis forms

3. Library of Congress (LOC) -

4. Utah’s Annotated Resource Sets (ARS)

5. TPS Metro state web sites for Annotated Resource Sets (ARS)

6. Colonial Williamsburg

7. Gilder Lehrman -

8. Oral Interviews/Students or Community Members can find
Students find a primary source, Student interviews – China, England, Pearl Harbor and Congress Gallery Dec. 8th, 1941.

9. Preserve their own.

S = Strategies
Incorporate the use of thinking historically and literacy strategies in your classroom.
1. Two and Three Voice Poems – 13 Colonies, Patriot/Loyalist, Constitution, Civil War
Egypt, Greece, Rome

2. Blow Roof Off – Revolutionary War

3. Round-Robin Questions – Constitution, Japan

4. Great resources for:
Ag in Class – Strategies and Resources -

Thinking Historically Posters and Resources -

5. All of these support the New Utah Core Curriculum

T = Technology/Other Tools
Other Tools and Resources For Students and Teachers
Mission US
Mission 1 - For Crown or Glory (Revolutionary War), Mission 2 – Flight to Freedom (Slavery)

National Geographic Jamestown

Plimoth Plantation

Eduweb – An interactive website with lots of resources for teachers and students

House Divided – The Civil War Research Engine at Dickinson College

Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trips - (Upcoming Titles - Remember the Ladies – March 15, The Rights of Youth – April 19) These are shown in Utah on KUED TV Channel 7 or online at:

PBS Documentary The War of 1812 (Online DVD and Resources)

PBS Documentary Underground Railroad: The William Still Story (Online DVD and Resources)

Don’t Forget To Take Advantage of These Great Opportunities
State Parks
National Parks
Local Historical Societies
Local Commemorations
150th Civil War
200th War of 1812
National Park Service
Cultural Festivals

Professional Organizations/Conferences
Utah Council for the Social Studies (UCSS)
- Held once in fall, once in spring
Utah Geographic Alliance (UGA)
- Will be held in early fall for 2012
National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
- Seattle, WA in Nov. 2012

Teacher Opportunities
Teaching American History Grants

Summer Teacher Institutes/Travel
*Library of Congress Summer Teacher Institute
*Colonial Williamsburg Summer Teacher Institute
*Gilder Lehrman History Seminars
*Driven 2 Teach (For Utah teachers only - Larry H. Miller/Zion’s Bank Summer History Travel)
*National Endowment for the Humanities
*Goethe Institute (Travel to Germany)
*Keizai Koho Fellowships to Japan